Concrete Slab Lifting

One of the most dangerous liabilities you may have on your property is uneven cement. Whether it’s in your driveway, or on your walkway, uneven concrete can be a serious issue. It not only creates a safety hazard, but it can create more serious problems with the concrete slab in the future. If you have uneven cement slabs, due to shifting or settling of the concrete, they should be attended to quickly.

Slab lifting is the process of creating an even surface in your concrete once again. Slab lifting, also known as concrete lifting, is often done by a professional that has access to the equipment needed. A professional repairs the slab through a process called slabjacking.

Slabjacking is the process of lifting the concrete through injection of grout throughout the concrete. This essentially expands the concrete and lifts it from the bottom of the slab. This grout will then harden and become a permanent addition to the concrete slab. Advances in the industry have produced more advanced types of grouts, including polyurethane foam. This foam will fill any gaps within the concrete, and creates a hydraulic pressure to lift the concrete to the level of the surrounding slabs.

Concrete lifting is a common procedure as sinking concrete is very common. After many years, concrete will shift. This is most often caused by the ground underneath settling. It is more common with concrete that was poured improperly. Oftentimes, many do a quick job of pouring concrete without properly preparing the ground underneath. This unprepared ground will shift soon after the concrete is poured and quickly causes the concrete to shift.

The process of slabjacking and lifting concrete takes less than a day, with full function and use after 24 hours. Concrete lifting is one of the more important repair procedures for concrete slabs. It not only provides function for the slab, but it also prevents further damage in the future. It is an investment repair that should be made when the shifting of the slab is starting to become noticeable.